Does Blogging Count As Work…? (and Other Reflections on May)

I remembered this morning that a major purpose of this blog is to update people on my life.  February was the month in which I moved.  March was the month in which I adjusted.  April was the month in which I got healthy (mentally and physically).  And May was supposed to be the month in which I scheduled.

On April 31st, I blocked out every moment of May in iCal.  I went into the month with vastly improved bipolar assessment scores and a proper balance of medications (possibly for the first time in years).  I was doing freelance media work for my dad.  I had a professional caregiver to relieve me of my duty for a few key hours each day.  I was blogging regularly and staying involved at church.  And I was looking forward to a month of constant productivity.

There was not one day in May that I stuck to my schedule.  But I was productive.  I spent a lot of time in FinalCut working on the fourth project my dad has given me since I returned.  I worked on the church bulletin.  I blogged an awful lot.  I went to appointments, helped out with bible study, and dashed back and forth between Mom’s house and Kathy’s.  I had an outline of a schedule, and, although I did not stick to it, I completed all of the tasks which I had laid out for myself.  I think I had two hours on a slow day (none on a busy one) in which to catch my breath and find some calm.

Yet I feel like I failed in May.  And here is why: I performed many tasks each day, but I did not weigh each task appropriately.  Waking up, I did not think, “I need to cut Sequence 1 (for which I will be paid).  I need to invoice the deposit on this project (so I can get paid).  I need to submit these insurance claims (so I can get paid back).”  Instead, I woke up of a morning and thought “I need to email Carmen.  I need to sync my Fitbit.  I need to wash that dress before Judy gets here.”  And I did need to do each of those things.  But I did not need to do them first.  Everything got accomplished, but I was often breathing easy on the minutiae and scrambling to deliver important things.

June is going to be a looooooooooooong month (30 days of mentally tapping my foot for July 3rd, when I will see Cee again).  And I will not be scheduling every detail.  I think I learned my lesson in productivity.  What I need to do now is learn to prioritize. June is also going to be a month of upheaval, as we prepare to make a major caregiving transition and as I move into my aunt’s house and take on more work for my church.  I do not expect this month to be stable.  What I expect is to lay a solid framework for a stable July, in which my job, church, blog, family, and self are in balance.  I’m not entirely sure how this is going to be accomplished.  But I’m pretty sure it begins with me finishing up this post and getting to work on Sequence 4.

Because today I resolve to prioritize.


Okay, maybe my work isn’t so bad…

{Please feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts on prioritization or tips for being more productive. I would welcome any advice.}