This is me with Carmen on St. Patrick’s Day, Freshman year of college.

The Setting

I am 25 years old, a self-described Writer, Editor, Thinker, Friend. I graduated from Rice University in 2010, but my life since then has basically been a TV show. I’m only just now entering true adulthood. Most people seem to think being a writer means having a blog, so I decided to be serious about this. We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes it will be a little; sometimes it may be a lot. But I’m going to try to keep this as a consistent record of the life I am building, the things I am doing, and the person I am becoming.

When I moved back to Austin, I made a number of resolutions about things I wanted to create/do/be during my time here. I will not share that list here, but I would like to publish my journey and the new resolutions I make along the way. But I think there are some things to understand first.

The Players

My family is so important to me, and the five people who comprise the group known as my “parentals” all live in Central Texas. There’s Mom, with whom I am currently living, and with whom I sometimes clash over matters of the head vs. matters of the heart. There’s Aunt Kathy, Mom’s sister, who is basically the coolest person ever and who gives me absolutely everything and with whom I have so much fun. There’s Omi, their mother (“Omi” is a cute-ified version of the German word for grandma). She lives with Kathy, who takes care of her as she slips slowly into dementia. Then there’s Daddy and Mindy, who now live in Lockhart, in a house that they’ve saturated in mid-century modern. I love my dad to death, but he’s basically Don Draper, right down to the ad industry and tireless charm. Mindy is highly practical with a moral compass by which you could circumnavigate the globe, but she also has a big heart and deeply values the elderly. Together she and my dad look like supermodels, and I love them dearly.

Carmen, Judy, and Jocelyn have been my closest friends since our first year of college. Our friendships have been fraught, complicated, adventurous, loving, distant, and joyful. These three people are the core of my second family, the one I chose for myself. Carmen is luminescent, a cluster of stars shining with talent and love and fire for God. Jocelyn is a secret cache of compassion, acted out in her baby-saving work in Malawi, expressed only when her heart overflows for the hurts of the world. Judy is an adventure in her own head, an adventure which she has thankfully reined in over the years, yet which she has not lost (she just expresses it more responsibly). To me, these three people are perfect. More recently, my surrogate family has added Esther (socialite, businesswoman, insanely beautiful, faux-Spaniard), Makenzie (rational, Christ-follower, fun obsessive, laughing), Bethy (cares about what others love, has August Rush on the same shelf as Rebecca, sings like an angel, loves Narnia) Christine (she’s an investment banker; she asks questions like, “Did you know Will & Grace is about homosexuals?”), Kelly (bright, loves dresses, homemaker, conscientious), Deb & Jimmy (best couple ever, basically adopted our band of misfits), Angie (loves boots, Central Market, cupcakes, the Bible, dancing, playing, crafting, vegetables), and so many others who may kill me for not including them here, but to whom I will refer fewer times than these people. Also: Liz was my first friend, and her impact on my life is undimmed by the many miles between us–I’ll likely refer to her often as well.

The Plot

I suppose that’s what I’m here to try to understand. 🙂


What did you think? What do you think? What will you think?

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