New York City 2013

For my birthday this year, my insanulous friends surprised me by turning my weekend in Houston to a weekend in New York City.  They planned absolutely everything and told me nothing until we were at the airport.  The reaction video is pretty nsfw, so it’s not included here.  But here are some galleries to document our trip.

On Saturday we looked at art, had hot dogs, saw a play, sought Tina Fey, ate fine cuisine, and went underground.  One of the most thrilling among my surprises was the unexpected (and, to my mind, impossible) inclusion of Jocelyn in our festivities.  But it’s impossible for me to say what the best part was.  From my egg on a roll to our hike between museum and theater, from an incredible view to an incredible cocktail, I could only say that my favorite moment was constantly the moment I was in.  My favorite place was exactly where I was.

On Sunday, the plan was to take me to Brooklyn to see the cherry blossoms at the Botanic Garden.  Unfortunately, this plan was thwarted by long lines, slow dining, and late arrival.  But I still got to see plenty of beautiful blossoms, and I could never say that I regret our delicious breakfast (chicken & waffles–yum!).  🙂